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Navratri Puja Vidhi 2016 Samagri Kit Mantra Pooja Decoration

Navratri Puja Vidhi 2016 Samagri Kit Mantra Pooja Decoration –

Navratri puja is most well known Indian celebration in which Nav Durga Puja is done in each home. Nav Durga Puja is love of 9 types of Durga.These Nav Durga are nine awesome ladylike powers. They makes (srishti), look after (Sthiti) and obliterates (Sanhar) the creation.

These Nav Durga are, Shailputri, Brahmcharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandmata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri.Every Devi amongst Nav Durga is connected with particular day (tithi) of Navratri. Accordingly, love of that Durga on that specific day of Navratri gives best results.

Navratri Puja Vidhi 2016 Samagri Kit Mantra Pooja Decoration

Navratri Puja Vidhi 2016 Samagri Kit Mantra Pooja Decoration

Navratri Puja 2016 Date Time | Navratri Pooja 2016 Date Time

1st October 2016 (Saturday)

Navratri Puja Tithi Begins = 05:41 am on 1/Oct/2016
Navratri Puja Tithi Ends = 07:45 am on 2/Oct/2016

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Ghatasthapana is one of the huge ceremonies amid Navratri. It denote the start of nine days party. Our sacred texts have all around characterized tenets and rules to perform Ghatasthapana amid a specific timeframe toward the start of Navratri. Ghatasthapana is conjuring of Goddess Shakti and treating it terribly time, as our sacred writings caution, may bring fury of the Goddess Shakti. Ghatasthapana is precluded amid Amavasya and evening time.

Navratri Puja Kit

Navratri Puja Vidhi 2016 Samagri Kit Mantra Pooja Decoration

  1. Matchbox, Agarbatti
  2. Two big lamps (with wicks, oil/ghee),
  3. Red flowers and red flower malas.
  4. Deity (statue/photo), Chunari, Shringaar items
  5. Flowers, Akshata (in a container), tulsi leaves
  6. Dry Fruits, 5 bananas, 1 coconut – all for naivedya
  7. Puja Book,containing Aarti, Stotra, Chalisa, Stuti etc.
  8. Also fruits and prasad as far as possible 21 varieties.
  9. Coconut, 1/2 kg. Rice, Bananas 6, gold coin, gold chain
  10. Karpoor, Gandha Powder, Kumkum, gopichandan, haldi
  11. Extra Kalasha, 3 trays, 3 vessels for Abhisheka
  12. Puja Conchshell, Bell, One aarati (for Karpoor), Two Aaratis with wicks
  13. Decorated Copper or Silver or other Kalasha, Two pieces of red cloth (new),
  14. Sri Mudra (for Sandhyaavandan), Vessel for Tirtha, Yajnopavita , Roli, Moli(Kaleva)
  15. Beetlenuts 6, Beetlenut Leaves 12, Banana Leaves 2, Mango Leaves 5-25
  16. Panchaamrita – Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Ganga Jal

Navratri Puja Vidhi 2016 Samagri Kit Mantra Pooja Decoration


Navratri Puja Mantra

Pratah Smarami Shardindukarojva laabham

Sadralavnam Kar Kundalhar Bhusham

Divya Yudhorjit Sunil Sahastra Hastam

Raktotpalabhcharanam Bhavarti Paresham.

प्रात: स्मरामि शरदिन्दुकरोज्वलाभां



रक्तोत्पलाभचरणां भवतीं परेशाम्।

Navratri Puja Decoration

Find excellent Navratri aarti thali design thoughts to attempt this merry season. You can likewise utilize them to make pooja thali amid Durga Pooja. Make them and win prizes in rivalries; a large number of them are as of now victors from different rivalries.

Navratri originates from a Sanskrit word which signifies ‘nine evenings’. This celebration is commended to adore the nine types of Goddess Durga. The celebration is praised everywhere throughout the nation with massive energy and excitement. Aarti is a vital custom in any type of pooja in the Indian society and it ought to be performed with passionate religious sentiments towards God.

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Here are few astounding Navratri aarti thali enrichment thoughts to make the celebration unique.

1. DIY Navratri Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas

These alluring Navratri aarti thali beautification thoughts fuel the religious enthusiasm in the air. You can make a cut out of Goddess Durga and stick on the aarti thali and after that embellish it with blossoms, rangoli hues and rhinestone. Stick a lovely trim on the edge of the thali to give the glittery impact. Place the diyas made of batter in the focal point of the marigold blossom petals.

2. Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas for Navratri

This aarti thali conveys a look at Garba, the customary move type of Gujarat. Generally, Garba is performed around a mud lamp with light inside it and this aarti thali is verging on fruitful in delineating it. You can put genuine grass or even crêpe paper cuttings to give the green impact. Make dolls utilizing betel nuts and cashew nuts. Add yellow shading to the rice utilizing turmeric powder to make the inward circle look beautiful and brilliant.

3. Navratri Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas

These astounding Navratri aarti thali adornment thoughts compel us to think about an excursion to West Bengal. Durga puja or Navratri is one of their significant celebrations and is commended with awesome grandeur and appear. Ply the flour to make a smooth batter and put it on the thali to make the base. Add red shading to a little parcel of the batter. Lace it with the plain batter to make the edges of the aarti thali. Make the elements of Maa Durga utilizing the red shaded mixture. Make the diyas utilizing little bowls as the base and paint the mixture in acrylic hues to make the edges.

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