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How Does Digilocker Works – A Brief Introduction


Digilocker Working Process  :-

To Use Digilocker , You have to Sign Up First For the Digilocker Account . You can read our detailed Guide here  How to Sign Up For Digilocker Account .

For Sign Up process You need to have Your Aadhaar Card no. with Your current registered Mobile No. or Email Id .

First Enter Your Aadhaar No. in the text box named “Enter Aadhaar Number” .

You will see two option for Sign Up , Use OTP  & Use Fingerprint. Select Use OTP Option  and Enter below . A password will send to your registered mobile no. & email id . Use that Otp password to complate the sign Up process. After That You have to set  username/password for sign up.

Now,Sign In using your username/password and after that you have to upload your document in Digilocker account .

You can Share your document to anyone by email and receive new document from govt. department directly in your digilocker .

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How It Works?

Issuers such as CBSE, Income Tax Department issue certificates to the citizens in electronic format through Digital Locker.

Citizens can share these certificates with other agencies who need these certificates as supporting documents to avail various services.

Stakeholders :-

  • Issuer :- Entity issuing e-documents to individuals in a standard format and making them electronically available e.g. CBSE, Registrar Office, Income Tax department, etc.
  • Requester :- Entity requesting secure access to a particular e-document stored in the repository (e.g. University, Passport Office, Regional Transport Office, etc.
  • Resident :- An individual who uses the Digital Locker service based on Aadhaar and OTP (One Time Password) authentication.


  • Repository :- Collection of e-documents and exposing a standard API for secure real-time access.
  • Access Gateway :- Online mechanism for requesters to access an edocument in a uniform way from various repositories in real-time.
  • Digital Locker :- Dedicated personal storage space, linked to each resident’s Aadhaar
-To securely store e-documents
-To store URI link of e-documents
-eSign online service to digitally sign documents

  • Digital Locker Portal :- Digital Locker directory list of registered Issuers, repositories, gateways, policies, guidelines and forms ◦ Dashboard for providing real time transaction volumes of the e-documents accessed.

digilocker-working-process-digital locker

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